Management and assessment process


75% of the total number of tyres processed is sent to recovery plants:

Energy (cement factories and steel mills)
Materials (roads, playgrounds, tennis courts and tracks, artificial turf...)
Civil works (embankment fill, drainage layers...)


After a strict selection process, approximately 10% of the total number of tyres managed is destined for export.

These tyres must meet very high quality and controlled standards in order to be considered suitable for re-use.

Retreading Process

Around 15% of the tyres we handle are sent to re-treading plants in Spain and other countries.
These tyres have met quality standards set by manufacturers (with regards to cracking, uniformity and wear) and are destined for re-treading factories.

The tyre evaluation processes are carried out by experts in our plants in Illescas (Toledo), Carmona (Seville) and Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz). We only rely on the most advanced machinery available to insure quality and maximize space in each shipping container.